About Rejuce

Rejuce's mission is to save perfectly edible fruit & veg from being thrown away by turning it into delicious cold pressed juice. To date our social enterprise has saved over 150 tonnes from going to landfill. 

Thomas Fletcher, a disgruntled chef who hated having to throw away perfectly good food, decided to learn more about the wider problem of food waste. In 2010 he enrolled in a Masters in Environmental Politics & Globalisation at Kings College London where he researched the causes and effects of this surplus on an agricultural and industrial level. 

After his masters Tom started working with farms and markets from his research, developing ideas to reduce their waste. He decided to combine these ideas with his passion for cooking and in 2011 he built a production kitchen at a warehouse in London from which he set up community banquets using surplus food. Around this time Tom began providing meals for the homeless and voluntarily redistributing food surpluses to initiatives such as Food Cycle, Feeding the 5k, The Peoples' Kitchen, The Peoples SuperMarket, The gleaning network, Made in Hackney, Total Complete Works and Action Dog, to name a few.

In recognition of his dedicated work around these issues on a personal and academic level, Thomas has been given the honor of speaking at a number of prestigious events including 'Responding Together', a conference at the European Union in Strasbourg, LBC radio and the 'Waste Exhibition' at the V&A in London. He also received a Green Cook's award and was involved in Sainsbury's 'Waste Less Save More' campaign.

After much consideration, in 2012 Tom decided juice was the most sustainable option to help solve the problem of food waste. Rejuce was born!


Just like many other grassroots ideas that lack serious financial investment, Rejuce started selling at markets and major festivals from Glastonbury to The End of the Road. 

After many fruitful years at music festivals and a successful crowd funder, we have generated enough money to operate in the competitive retail market. We're expanding fast into many different outlets across London and all you need to do to make a difference is simply DRINK REJUCE.